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Lady Avengers

As good as this is, it’s really bothering me because it’s completely illogical. Lady Thor’s boob armour would crush her sternum. And there’s no reason for Iron Woman’s suit to be so tiny and form-fitting. How can she even fit into that? Does she have a freakishly small body? Is there any reason for her suit to be any different than Iron Man’s?

And Captain America? Captain America’s suit is made of a special ballistic, and it’s basically lightweight body armor… SO WHY ON EARTH IS THE MOST VULNERABLE PART OF HER EXPOSED?? Protective gear in real life similar to this suit is made to protect the torso because it’s easy to hit (being much larger than the head) and full of important organs, and this costume is exposing the softest and least protected part of it and giving her enemies a great big target. I mean, I know she’s superhuman and durable and everything, but look at how damaged her suit is—and if something can damage a protective suit, you can bet it would really do a number on a bare unprotected tummy. Whatever caused that would on her arm was able to penetrate her suit—imagine if it’d gotten her exposed belly instead. 

Why would they even bother with the expense of a special suit that protects the rest of her whoever she’s fighting can just aim right for her naked belly? Protecting the chest and the rest of her body isn’t going to do much good when she’s got that nice vulnerable section of soft belly completely bare and defenceless, practically begging for someone to jab a really pointy object into it.

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